Monday, October 29, 2012

Food in Melaka - Ikan Bakar

If you have been to Melaka and not try this super fresh seafood dish, then you have not been to Melaka. Some of the fishes are cooked with their scales to hem in the original taste of the sea.All are Halal.

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1. Ikan Bakar Food Court at Crystal Bay, Alai

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Ask for more sauce and try the fragrant Nasi Lemak and the Otak-Otak. 
And with Ikan Bakar you just have to have the fresh sweet green Coconut. Everything nature-ly good!!

2. Umbai

If you are more adventurous, proceed further from Alai, just slightly further down you will reach Umbai, another Ikan Bakar haven. From here you can also catch a boat out to Pulau Besar, (The Sleeping Pregnant Lady Island).

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3. Sg Duyung 

Another Medan before Alai. The road leading into the place is quite dark.

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& Medan Ikan Bakar at Serkam & Many Many More.... 

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