Saturday, November 24, 2012

Food in Melaka - Asam Laksa

If you love fish in hot & sourish soup with a tinge of prawn paste - then asam laksa is a dish that you must try. Warning the fishy smell and taste is very strong.

1. Lian Heng Coffee Shop

This shop is right next to the 九皇爷庙, and has chunks of fishes inside the soup.

3589-C, Jalan Bachang, Melaka. Open 8am - 2pm 
(Go early coz they usually sell out around 12 noon.)

Will be uploading the pictures soon.

2. Jonker 88

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3. Kota Laksamana Asam Pedas Claypot also sells Asam Laksa

Have to go early, I mean EARLY otherwise the place is packed with people and no place to sit.

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