Monday, November 12, 2012

Food in Melaka - Asam Pedas

Asam Pedas ala Melaka Style is HOT and Oh So full of Flavour.

1. Chinese Style Asam Pedas at City Famous

    For this one, the degree of Hot-ness is just nice for me. Even though the soup is clear, the flavour is rich. there are also other dishes like Otak-otak, sambal sotong & etc. that are equally good.

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2. Malay Style Hajjah Mona Asam Pedas  ~ Halal

If you can take hot & spicy, I mean real HOT then try this one at Kota Laksamana.


3. Kari Kepala Ikan Isenin at Semabok

Local Melakan Choice! 

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4. Warung Khalid next to Sekolah Kebangsaan Teluk Mas

Another Local Choice: Only open at night.

5. Other Chinese Style Asam Pedas

a. Sin Eng Lock Restaurant          06-2834391
363A Taman Peringgit Jaya 75400 Melaka
Open 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

b. Asam Fish in Claypot                 012-2700582
12, Taman Merdeka, Batu Berendam Melaka
Open 7:00pm - 1:00 am (Closed Sunday)

c. Orchard Square

6. Asam Pedas Recipe

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Melaka Asam Pedas | Malacca Hot and Sour Fish

Rendang DagingServes: 2


300gm spanish mackeral /tenggiri (fillet)
8 shallots
6 dried chillies (soak in water to soften)
3 garlic
1 lemon grass-crushed
½ in fresh turmeric (optional)
1 tsp shrimp paste
2 stalks daun kesum/vietnamese coriander I bunga kantan / torch ginger
2 tomatoes (quartered)
4 ladies fingers
4 tbsp tamarind juice
Salt to taste


Grind shallots and garlic together. Keep aside. Grind dried chillies and shrimp paste together and keep that aside. Discard the top and bottom part of ladies finger and keep it whole. In a wok, heat enough oil to sauté the shallots and garlic paste. Once aromatic, add in the dried chilli paste. Sauté until the chilli is cooked and oil floats slightly at the edges. Add in tamarind juice, tomatoes, ladies finger, torch ginger, Vietnamese coriander and salt. Leave to simmer until vegetables are tender. Add in fish finally. Leave for another 5 minutes and then dish out. You can add turmeric powder or fresh turmeric if preferred.

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